Our Service

Physical Visit and Thorough Inspection of the Vehicles

Before placing a bid on any car on behalf of our customers, we pay a visit to the physical location of the auction house and thoroughly inspect the car, ensuring that condition of the car is as defined. Our expert inspection team examines the following parts of the car: Our service.

  • Every part of the indicator lamps/lens, & winkers.
  • Engine and transmission.
  • Suspensions and bushes.
  • CV Joint rubbers, power windows and central locking.
  • Steering racks, wipers and horn.
  • Drive shafts.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Once the auction is won, the vehicle is passed through the phase of cleaning and maintenance by our professional auto mechanics, ensuring your safety.

a. Maintenance

Our experienced mechanics check the condition of the vehicle and prepare it for better functioning and long-term use. In case any malfunctions or faults are detected in the vehicle, they are fixed right away before shipment.

b. Cleaning and Coating

Once we are done with maintenance, we make sure that the vehicle is properly cleaned from inside and outside. We take into consideration, the cleaning and coating of the following sections of the car:

  • Steam cleaning of engine, underbody and frame
  • Clear spray and wax coating of the dashboard and engine room
  • Chassis coating (black paint) for the frame and underbody

The purpose of this cleaning and coating is to ensure that the car sent by us, reaches you in flawless condition and is also protected from corrosion and other threats during the shipment process.

c. Fitting in Good Tires and Battery

Old, worn out tires and poor batteries are replaced with ones that are in good condition to ensure that you can drive the vehicle comfortably once it reaches your country.

Lowest Service Charges

JIEC LTD. is well-known for its smooth and cost-effective operation, which allows us to supply top quality cars from auction houses directly to customers, keeping our service charges as low as possible. Moreover, we are continuously working on improving our system and sales operation by constantly improving our buying sources and networks, cost effective sales and arranging smooth export procedures for our customers worldwide.

Strategically Located Yards

Our yards are strategically located all over Japan, ensuring easy access and strong control. Moreover, the close proximity means that domestic travel time and in-land charges cost are greatly reduced, leading to cost-effective and prompt vehicle transfer. Keeping our inland charges low helps us in providing quality services at the lowest market rates.

Quick and Safe Delivery

JIEC LTD. offers quick and safe delivery of your vehicle to your desired port at extremely affordable rates. We are associated with various shipping lines to offer lowest possible shipping rates and time duration, making it the most feasible option for you.

Strong Network with Auction Houses

AHJ guarantees that we can help you get any used car you are looking to buy from Japanese auctions. Over the course of time, we have built a network all over Japan by getting associated with 140+ auction houses all over the country. This enables us in getting access to over 145,000 vehicles offered by these auction houses every week from renowned auction houses like TAA, CAA, USS, AUCNET, MIRIVE, AAA, HAA, JU, NAA and KCAA among others, which are known for providing high standard used Japanese cars for auctions.