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JIEC LTD. will comply with laws and regulations related to personal information. We will also make every effort to build a website that is appropriately managed and protected from leakage, misuse, alteration, loss or destruction of personal information provided by members, so that they can use it with a sense of security. When you register membership for this site, you will be deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

This website requests you to register membership when you participate in buying vehicles. Information such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail address provided by members will be used to offer information or services when requested by a customer.

Management of Personal Information

The Privacy Officer of JIEC LTD. will stringently manage all member personal information and take appropriate security measures to prevent leakage, misuse, alteration, loss or destruction of such information. When a member submits personal information through this site, it is protected by encryption using Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL).

Restricted Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information collected from members only to the extent that the information is needed to fulfill the purposes for collecting such information, which are clearly indicated to members.

Disclosing Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose member personal information to third parties unless one of the following limited exceptions applies:

(1) We may disclose personal information to companies we contract with or other organizations to buy and sell or handle vehicles if the information is needed to perform tasks (for example, land transportation companies, vehicle inspection companies, shipping companies, insurance companies, dealers, vehicle purchasing companies, maintenance workshops, banks, customhouse, etc.)
(2) If information is processed as statistical data by which an individual member cannot be identified.
(3) If a legally binding request is made by an administrative agency
(4) If required by law
(5) If we determine that it is necessary to do so to operate the site.

Disclosure, Correction, Deletion of Personal Information

If a member requests us to disclose, correct, or delete the member’s personal information, we will deal with such request after confirming that the request has been made by the member himself/herself.


The JIEC LTD. website uses a technology called “cookie”. “Cookie” means a mechanism that enables the communication equipment customers use to temporarily retain specific information as data and recognize the customer based on the data every time a connection is made. We provide services assuming that cookies are used. Therefore, if the use of cookies is not accepted, you may not receive some of services we provide. You can set your browser to accept the use of cookies or not. Confirm your browser setting as necessary.

Governing Law

The laws, statutes, and government ordinances of Japan will apply to all matters including disputes relating to use of the JIEC LTD. website. This Personal Information Protection Policy is subject to change if the applicable laws and regulations are revised or social norms are changed or if we deem it necessary.

Updating Privacy Policy

JIEC LTD. may revise this privacy policy to adapt to changes made to the related laws and regulations or as necessary in order to ensure protection of personal information. In such a case, the revised Privacy Policy will be published on this website.


John Woskin

John Woskin

Philantropist, Pretoria - SOUTH AFRICA

I am grateful to the professional technical support team who helped me with choosing and buying multiple cars throughout the years of my ordering from the company. I like the service very much, and hope you continue making your customers happy and satisfied!

Zaria Ashraf

Zaria Ashraf

Agriculturalist, New Dehli - INDIA

The selection of car parts and accessories is amazing! You will find anything and everything for any type of vehicle. I loved shopping with JIEC LTD because of the professional sales and customer care team members who helped me get the best parts for my Honda! Excellent!

Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers

Spare Part Dealer, Cairo - EGYPT

This is a great source of premium products with the worldwide delivery and 24/7 customer support! Thank you and your wonderful team a lot for professional service, quality items and beautiful website that makes the shopping process even more fun and simple.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Engineer, Ontario - CANADA

After buying from this company, I am definitely going to stay and become a regular for all my family members. Loved the service and the quality of cars that look amazing! the website is super easy to navigate, and I appreciate how simple it was to find the cars that I needed! Thank you!

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